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welcome to manticore  
Welcome to x5icons, a community for graphics from the TV show Dark Angel, and the actors who starred in this fabulous tv series. This community is open-posting and open-membership, and very casual, so I hope you join up and post.

marching orders.  
Please do not direct link any icons posted. If you need an image host, I recommend Photobucket. It's very reliable and easy to use.
Don't forget to credit. When you take an icon or graphic from this community, remember to credit the maker.
♥ Anymore than three (3) icons per post, please put under a lj-cut.
♥ You may make requests, but it's not a requests community. If no one fulfills your request, move on.
♥ Any graphics - headers, icons, wallpapers, banners, fanart - are welcome here.

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Mod: lexie_b; If you have problems with this community - anything at all - feel free to leave a comment on my journal.